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One of the things you will discover early on in your home growing journey is that you can sometimes grow more food than you and your family need. And, while you may be able to give away most of it to extended family and friends you may want to store some for later use. We usually harvest all of our ginger at once, what we won’t use in a month or two will go into making ginger powder. So I thought I should share how to make ginger powder at home. Although this note is on ginger in particular it can also be applied to turmeric.

If you see yourself doing this often, investing in a dehydrator may be worth it, as it will save you time and the headache of having to run out in the rain while trying to dry your ingredient(s)


1. Grate the ginger 

2. Spread it out on a flat surface and cover it with a strainer* 

3. Leave it in full sun for a day or 2 until it is completely dry 

4. Process the dried ginger through a spice grinder

 5. Use a fine strainer to sift out the powder.

6. You can send the large pieces through the spice grinder again. 

7. Store in a dry container at room temperature.

Food Dehydrator
Spice Grinder
Tools that you can use to make the process easier

One pound of ginger makes about an ounce of ginger powder. Young, fresh ginger will give the best results. Older ginger tends to be more stringy – you can save the stringy parts for making ginger tea.

*Using the strainer to cover the ginger is just to keep any bugs out. 

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