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(Beta Vulgaris Subsp. Circla “Rainbow Mix”)


This beautiful mix of red, yellow, orange, pink and white stems have dark green, multi-colored veined savoy leaves which will add depth and texture to your greens mix. This variety can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. Grow along with your Arugula, Bull’s Blood, Lettuce Blend and other greens for harvest at the baby leaf or full leaf stage for bunching.


PRE-SOAK SEEDS: Before you plant beetroot in the ground, you need to prepare the beet seeds to increase the chances that they will germinate. Soak the beet seeds in water for 6 hours before direct sowing.


SOWING AND GROWING: Sow about 6 seeds/ft., ½” deep, rows 18–24″ apart. Thin to 4–6″ apart for larger leaves. Cut for bunching at any stage; new leaves will grow.


HARVESTING: Clip mature leaves individually for home garden or for bunching for market. New leaves will grow multiple harvests. For baby leaf, clip young plants just above the soil. Multiple harvests are possible because the plants will grow new stems and leaves. Commercial growers may want to limit to one harvest to avoid half leaves


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