Lettuce – Romaine Freckles


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Heat tolerant, gorgeous tasty Romaine


This beautiful romaine plant produces excellent yields of flavorful green romaine lettuce splashed with red speckles. Excellent for Caesar salads and garnishes. Harvest in 28 days for gourmet salads. Heat tolerant. Bolt tolerant. An excellent choice for home gardens and speciality market growers.


SOWING AND GROWING: Start by sowing the non-GMO seeds 1/8 inch in soil, one inch apart, in rows twelve to eighteen inches apart. Make sure to allow enough space between seeds for the lettuce to grow, as overcrowding can cause the lettuce to have a bitter taste. Firm the soil lightly. While growing, keep the soil well-watered. Harvest between 65 and 70 days after planting, to ensure the lettuce doesn’t become too mature. Transplant iceberg and romaine lettuce 10-12″ apart, in rows 18″ apart. Other types 8-10″ apart in rows 12-18″ apart for full-size heads or 6″ apart for mini heads


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