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What is Fish Juice?
Fish juice is an organic fertilizer made from the entire fish, it provides many nutrients that allow plants to grow green, strong, and produce healthy fruits. How organic is organic? The fish used to make fish juice is broken down using nature’s little soldiers, various bacteria, and enzymes. It takes time, as with anything that decomposes. No shortcuts are taken giving a product that’s all organic and from nature to your garden.
What can I use Fish Juice on?
You can use it on your herbs, vegetables, ornamentals, landscaping plants, fruit trees, cannabis, seedlings, and soil.
What sets fish juice apart?
Its three times more concentrated than foreign competitors and cost less.
It also has all parts of the fish in a plant form, from the oils, skin, meat, and bones. Nothing is skimmed off, you get a high-quality product without compromise that your plants will thank you for. It promotes healthy soils that breathe life into your plants.
What can I use fish juice for?
You can use it as a foliar fertilizer, soil drench, and super boost to your compost teas. It’s the secret ingredient for a killer compost tea that will encourage fungal growth and dominance.
How much do you use?
You can use 5mL-15mL (1 to 3 teaspoons) per 4L/1 Gallon of water. You can start using 5mL and gradually increase for an extra kick your plants will love, do not increase in more than 5mL increments as you should observe how your plants react to the increase in nutrients.
When using on seedlings start at half a teaspoon (2.5mL/4L) before increasing to a regular dose (5mL/4L).
Can this burn my plants?
This natural product does not cause any burns when used as directed.

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