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This plant produces a small, red bean smaller than the pinto or kidney bean that holds its shape and firmness when cooked. This small, red bean (not to confuse with Kidney Beans) is high in protein and fiber.


SOWING AND GROWING: Sow the seeds at a depth of one and a half to two inches in soil with a PH level of six to seven. There should be four to six inches between plants, with a space of at least two feet between rows. It is okay to let the beans dry out while growing, and watering should be done sparingly. After about ninety days, the beans should be firm and ready to be picked.


HARVESTING: Beans should be harvested only when the beans and pods are dry, but before pods have split open. Pods can be snapped off branches at the base and beans can be shelled out of the pod for storage. Freeze your bean harvest for several hours to kill any insects. Rich source of minerals and vitamins with high fiber and low-calorie benefits.


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